Anemone Cushion Cover

£44.00 £63.00

This vibrant cushion gives you three pops of colour for the price of one ! I love anemones for their strong colours ,yet they are quite a fragile flower.

Product information - 

This cushion front is printed linen/cotton mix and the reverse is a beautiful neutral coloured linen. There is a zip in the bottom seam.  Dry cleaning the cushion cover is recommended.

Dimensions - 45 x 45 cm - This may vary slightly as each cushion is handmade. 



This image was created using a technique that is no longer possible using a vintage SX70 Polaroid Camera and then manipulated while the emulsion was still fluid. Usually done in a nearby cafe as the process is easier if the image was first warmed against a coffee cup.

Cushion is printed and made in Scotland.