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www.rhiannonconnelly.com becomes Starrybluesky

I have finally completed the shift from www.rhiannonconnelly.com to Starrybluesky.  Why the change you ask ? I have long used Starrrybluesky as a business name, back from when I first started on Etsy. Now that I am no longer trading on that platform I decided to carry the name over to my main site. The long and the short of it is - it just feels right ! I hope it doesn't cause any confusion.


Intoducing StarryBlueSky - Mark 2 

My idea for this website is to show a collection of different ways to add a bit of colour to your home or self. My starting point for everything I do is colour, but it is not the only factor. Shape and texture and function also get a look in. Everything here will either be one off original pieces or products that are produced in small batches. 

You will find original paintings both small and large. There is an energy about an original work and that is why I"m not making prints of these at the moment. I really enjoy collecting original paintings by other artists and I'd like to make mine available too.

But a painting is not the only way to add a pop of colour or character to a room , so I am continuing to stock the cushion range. The current images are all created from my "Polaroid Paintings" which have translated beautifully onto printed linen.

I've also brought over a small collection of "wearable art', again using the Polaroid Paintings. These were very popular when I had my Etsy shop and I was asked if I would keep selling some of them on here. 

Finally , you may notice a section called the "Test Lab". I am always carrying out experiments with new techniques and designs. Sometimes a piece is made, as part of this exploration  and is  too nice to discard.  Rather than have these pile up in my studio, I'd rather they found good homes - so I'm making pieces available here .  You can be sure you're getting something unique  , as well as a bit of a bargain. 

A little bit of a bio ... and how I got to this point. Otherwise known as "reinvention" a few times over !

I'm a Scottish designer living in  a small coastal town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. ( You'll see the iconic Forth Bridges pop up regularly in my images.)

As a textile designer years ago, working in hand painted silk,  I made scarves and ties for the likes of Jenners in Edinburgh and Liberty of London.  It was a wonderful experience at the time and the thrill of seeing someone wearing my work never faded. Especially as I was lucky enough that a few television personalities regularly wore my colourful ties.

In the intervening period I worked as a professional photographer latterly specialising in a style of image making using the SX70 Polaroid camera, a technique that allows for the creation of a dreamlike image, halfway between a painting and a photograph. The cushion range and the wearable art all feature this technique.

Six years ago, after attending an artist's retreat, the spark to paint returned . I now work from a studio at the top of my steep garden, looking out over the water of the Firth of Forth. The constantly changing light and the activity of the boats, the flowers growing in the garden and the sound of the birds in the treetops provide the backdrop to the daily rhythm of creating.

The final strand is recent foray into ceramics. This development surprised me as I hadn't worked with clay since high school. However it has been an absolute delight to rediscover it. At the moment I book time at a studio in town but plans are afoot to reorganise my garden studio to accommodate a kiln and a wheel.

If you would like to know more please use the form at the top of the site to subscribe to my studio newsletter so that I can give you a "wee peek" into the behind the scenes studio happenings , as well as any subscriber only offers.


You can also contact me by email at info@rhiannonconnelly.com